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3 Nicolle Lane
Salmon, Idaho


David McCampbell’s artistry originates in his backyard shop in a rugged mountain town along the Salmon River. His weathered hands work to bring new function to antique wood and reclaimed hardware. His imagination and vision for materials, his innate understanding of the potential just one layer beneath, guides his unique style of carpentry. Reminiscent of old world carpenters -- David's craftsmanship draws the gaze and invites the touch. Solid, singular, functional, these furnishings are built to last for generations with rich warm patinas that will be enhanced through use.

About David


I had read about Chinese buildings that were built in 800 AD and were still standing and in use today. That's what inspired me to look more into buildings that last. I wanted to build projects which would last well beyond my lifetime and my children's lifetime. Someday, I wanted to utter the words,"I built that way back in 19..." and to provide my clients with structures they'll pass down to their children and grandchildren as 'Landmarks'.

In pursuit of this, in 1982, I took a course in timber framing in Grass Valley, CA from a highly skilled teacher, Wil Wilkens. As a group, we built a small structure, using traditional tools. Upon leaving the school, I moved to Montana and became the forman for that teacher's timber frame company.

In 1986, I got married and moved back to Idaho where I combined my talent in cabinet making and timber framing to create lasting and quality pieces including timber framed homes, custom cabinetry and furniture.

In the past 10 years, furniture has become my main passion. It's the idea of  a mortice and tenon joint held together without nails or metal reinforcement.

The feeling of cutting a square hole and sliding a likewise square tenon into it; finished off with a hardwood peg to lock it all together is somehow thrilling and fulfilling for me as a craftsman.